• On False Analogies

    January 14, 2013

    On False Analogies

    A fair number of things have intersected over the last few weeks and it's time for me to do a quick exploration of them. There's the Aaron Swartz persecution, robots, RMS and free software, zero bounds and trillion dollar coins, the state is losing control of money, and Kirtsaeng.

    I'm a lawyer by training and I worked in a high tech law firm briefly. The law is a set of creeping analogies and we're at this interesting intersection of how to deal with the radically reduced transaction costs that the Internet and computers/logistics have brought to our doorstep.

    Craig's List and FSF

  • Enough Already

    December 16, 2012

    The long slow slide

    There's been a long slow slide away from the direction of "being a team" to "every man for himself" for a good part of my lifetime. It must stop. The Newtown shooting prompted this post… and don't worry, I'll get there… but please read through the whole piece.

    The Great Depression & WWII

    The Gilded Age gave way to the makings of World War One. The end of WWI saw reparations which were, in effect, a punishment of Germany by transferring great wealth out of Germany to other countries.